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 New routine

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PostSubject: New routine   New routine Icon_minitimeFri Apr 04 2008, 14:50

Well i have put me foot down after all i am the mummy i make the rules lol!!!!! So now i have cut out is nap during the day so that by the time i put him to bed at night he is so tired he doesnt play up as much!!!!
The thing that made me make this decission was yesterday lunch time Callum played up something awful and 45 mins later he was still calling me and using the potty excuse so in the end i just ignored him however he then wet himself and i totaly lost the plot!!! I was soooo cross and really shouted felt like an awful mum!!!! So i think if we dont have to fight to go to sleep then we will all be less stressed.

Yesterday was the first day and although a bit grumpy late afternoon it was ok, then fed milk at 8 and he fell asleep straight away and slept through, unfortuantly the lay ins have gone out the window was awake at 630 but hey you cant have everything!!!
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PostSubject: Re: New routine   New routine Icon_minitimeFri Apr 04 2008, 16:38

ahh well done maz i know what you mean you gotta show them who is boss.............keep up the good work xxxxx

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PostSubject: Re: New routine   New routine Icon_minitimeFri Apr 04 2008, 22:40

oh well done maz, you do have to teach them after all...xxx
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PostSubject: Re: New routine   New routine Icon_minitime

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New routine
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