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 Am i a bad mummy ?????

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Am i a bad mummy ????? Empty
PostSubject: Am i a bad mummy ?????   Am i a bad mummy ????? Icon_minitimeTue Sep 02 2008, 23:53

Question Question With all my problems going on at the mo i am really snappy and quick tempered and have been like this with Callum all though i would not hurt him i have got really angrey with him over the most stupid things and dont seem to have much patience with him. As soon as i have shouted or got angrey i feel guilty seeing his little sad face as he really isnt a naughty boy just a bit excitable and always on the go!!!! Am i a bad mummy?? will he hate me???
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Am i a bad mummy ????? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Am i a bad mummy ?????   Am i a bad mummy ????? Icon_minitimeWed Sep 03 2008, 11:35

well if you are a bad mummy for doing this, i think i must be too.....will he hate you No of course not....

You are not a bad mummy, i think most of us have probably done the same hun..... don't worry...xxxx
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Am i a bad mummy ?????
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