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 Morning ladies

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PostSubject: Morning ladies   Morning ladies Icon_minitimeTue Jan 12 2010, 12:12

Oh poop i just wrote a huge message out and it dissapeared lol

Well it went something like..

morning all, how is everyone, its very quiet here still but i hope that old and new members will soon come on and make the boards buzz with activity.

Its still snowy and icey here but the kids have at last gone back to school today although they forecast heavy snow again today and tomorrow so that may not last long, we will see.

our washing machine is dieing a death, the drum bearings are shot, have ordered a new one out the catalogue on buy now pay next year, it doubles the price pretty much but we need one and ours isnt gonna last much long now, its soooo loud when it spins now you cant here yourselves talking in a differant room! i feel sorry for the neighbours, hope the new one comes before the old one dies as we need a washer lol

Anyway hugs to all, hope you have a good day

love di xxx
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Morning ladies
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